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    Cooperation with foreign companies


    AIRPLAN  GmbH  Stuttgart  (Germany), Prague Airport - Ruzyne

    RWY 06 / 24 reconstruction

    DHV (Netherlands), development of Ostrava – Mosnov Airport area

    GIBB Ltd (UK), TBCE documentation for NATO and MD CR for Caslav

    and Namest n/O Airbases

    ESCO ARRESTING SYSTEMS (USA), TBCE and carry-out documentation

    for NATO and MD CR at Namest n/O Airbase

    AÉRAZUR (France), type TCCE documentation for NATO and MD CR

    for Caslav Airbase

    NAVIA AVIATION (Norway), implementation projects for installation

    of precision approach beacons ILS and distance measurement

    equipment DME at Kbely, Caslav, Pardubice, Namest, Prerov Airbases

    CHAPMAN TAYLOR (UK) – roads and car parks hypermarket

    TESCO Letnany

    RATHGEBER GmbH (Germany) carry-out design – petrol station

    in the complex ​center Cerny Most

    MEDIAPOLIS ENGINEERING (Italy) Housing development

    Praha 6 – roads and car parks

    SEPO KILPIÄ KKV (Finland) – Multiarena Praha Hagibor – roads

    and parking buildings

















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